Lake Martin Land & Homes

Our curated collection takes you on a journey around the shores of Lake Martin.  You will find secluded cabins, grand homes in celebrated communities, and beautiful lakeside land that lies untouched.  Feel the cool lake breeze and hear only the tiny sounds of nature as you imagine yourself here. Enjoy the journey.


Lake Martin Lands

There is something special about lakeside land. The old hardwoods, the tall pines, the rustle of leaves underfoot and the sounds of nature calling you home.  It is exciting to start with a clean slate and imagine your new dream home perfectly situated next to the lake.  Lets take a walk in the woods, shall we? (click here)

Lake Martin Condominiums

Lake Martin has a handful of beautiful condominium communities. The different seasons of our life bring different ideas for the lakeside life.  A condo is perfect for a second or third home that you visit on the weekends.  Condos are perfect for retirees and singles that understand the value of someone maintaining so much of your home.  It is nice to come home to a fresh cut yard and pristine pool. (click here)

Lake Martin Homes

A lake home brings so many blessings to a family.  The chance to get away and gather together is what a lake house is really all about.  We all cherish the opportunity to spend time together and the lake is the best place to do just that.  Come along, lets find the perfect home for you and your family. (click here)

Lake Martin Rentals

At Lake Martin there are no hotel chains or even bed and breakfast to rent. The demand for rentals is high and so we are beginning to see more and more personal rentals on the market and several nice management companies to work with. We are gathering together a nice collection of rentals for our visitors to choose from.  We will be featuring long term rentals and nightly rentals. (click here)

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