Thanksgiving Made Easy

Yay it is finally here!  It is time to gather together and create the feast of thanksgiving.  This year we hope you find it in your heart to keep it simple.  We are sharing a few of our favorite resources to help you through the big day in hopes you can prepare a fantastic feast while concentrating on your every blessing. 

    photography by Kristen Kilpatrick  via

 photography by Kristen Kilpatrick via

Camille Styles

On any given day we love to peruse She exudes the epitome of classic entertaining.  Do head over and see her page and subscribe because she is always entertaining and has the best ideas when gathering together.  We especially love her blog 7 Habits for Eating Mindfully During the Holidays



Martha Stewart

Well we can't forget such an entertaining icon at a crucial time like Thanksgiving.  Martha Stewart shares endless ways to make this day simple.  From tutorials to answering personal questions you can find all the answers.  We love her.  marthastewart




It is a great place to hang out online and learn so much.  Peruse the recipes and learn about all the new gadgets.  They are really loving the insta - pot and we are too.  We hang here a lot.  Head over and see for yourself.  eatwell101


Catherine's Market at Lake Martin

It is perfectly okay if you have a little help for the big day and Catherine's Market at Russell Crossroads is the best place to do just that.  Let them do all the prep for your gathering and you concentrate on your family and friends.  If you are headed to Lake Martin for Thanksgiving we highly recommend you let Catherine's do all the cooking for you.  catherinesmarket


Emporium Wine in Downtown Alexander City

It is easy to craft our holiday wine and spirit collection for the holidays when you have a "go to" place like Emporium Wine in downtown Alex City. 

From Henry Foy, of Emporium Wines....


Selecting the ideal wine for Thanksgiving can be tricky business. Here are a few things to help avoid any last minute stress. Let’s keep it simple.

Most often turkey will be the centerpiece of this holiday. Turkey is poultry, which we think of it as white meat. If we adhere to the old rule of white wine with white meat our first choice would be, you guessed it, white wine. But which white wine? Don’t panic; white wines share a common characteristic that allows almost any white wine to pair well with turkey. White wine is typically light in color and body as well as flavor. Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc will offer more acidity while a Chardonnay or Pinot Gris will have more body and often have a much more creamy mouth feel. Riesling tends to be sweeter if that is what you prefer.

But what about all that other stuff that’s on the table, like Grandma-ma’s special stuffing and the gravy and the sweet potatoes and the succotash and countless other flavors and textures to tantalize our tummies? Is that turkey going to be roasted in the over or dunked in a pot of oil and fried to a crisp? Will there be ham? Thanksgiving fare is anything but simple.

That common trait of white wine (light-bodied) is a clue to what red wines might also go well with the Thanksgiving spread including the ham.

Pinot Noir, Beaujolais, or a Rhone region (France) blend would be excellent choices. Beaujolais is typically light and fruity, Pinot Noir can range from very light and fruity to more bold and medium-bodied, and the Rhone blends are slightly more earthy but on the lighter side with great flavor. Note that Beaujolais Nouveau, the first wine of the 2017 vintage to be released is now available. Known for it’s fresh, fruity flavors that pair well with Turkey Day fare, Nouveau is often called the Thanksgiving wine.

One more thing: what’s a feast without Champagne? Oh, and Rosé. Never mind what anybody else thinks; drink what you like and tell your guests to bring their own.

The best tip is to celebrate responsibly and by all means, give thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving

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