Gather Together and Give Thanks


Gathering Together

Thanksgiving is such a special time of the year for many reasons but most of all it is a time to gather together with family and friends and a time to really give thanks.  So many traditions and lovely traditions but always room to add a few more.  Here are a couple of ideas to make your gathering more thoughtful. 

Yes it about the food on the table but it can be about so much more.  So design your menu, head to the grocery store and get ready to dazzle them with your culinary skills.  This year add a little more to your gatherings by starting a few simple traditions that stir up the thankfulness in us all.

Make a Thankful Tree


It is one thing to take turns around the table and say what we are thankful for but to say it and then write it down and hang it on the centerpiece of your table or buffet will add so much meaning for everyone.  Kinda makes it official to write it down. It then owns a place in history. Maybe you save them and add to a huge thankful tree each year.  It is just a nice personal touch.  We found a beautiful template for you.  Check it out here at

Bring Back Poloroids!


Who doesn't love a poloroid? We take sooooo many photos these days and never ever do we print them.  They kinda loose meaning.  Yes they are on our instagram feed but to hold a photo in your hand is so nostalgic these days.  It makes it fun.  Maybe everyone could right a thankful note on their poloroid.  Capture the people at your gathering and be sure to snap a few of the famous bird, he might not be that pretty next year :)

Group Walk About


So simple and one of the best ways to spend time together.  Plan a family walk. Everyone.  Make it an annual event.  After the big meal it is such a nice reprieve from the kitchen and all the electronics.  A quick stroll will open your hearts and mind to even more gratitude. 

Just keep it simple and cherish the moments with family and friends.  Gather and Give Thanks!!