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Coming Soon. The Guide for Lake Martin and the surrounding Lake Martin communities.  Simple and beautiful.  About 6" x 6".  Beautifully printed and distributed throughout the community.  A piece you will cherish.  The perfect size to drop into your purse, keep in your car or proudly display each edition on your coffee table. 

Full of Lake Martin's finest businesses.  A tribute to the best at Lake Martin.  All custom designed, full page ads.  Ads will start at $245 per page (includes your custom designed ad by Steele Marketing Studios).  Email the Lake Martin Wave to reserve your page today. This is a brilliant way to showcase your business to thousands of Lake Martin visitors and residents.  You will be proud to be a part of this publication and sad if you miss it.  Contact us Today!

Publication Dates and Space Deadlines

Summer 2018 - May, June, July.  Published on May 1.  Space Deadline April 15.

Fall 2018 - August, September, October.  Published on August 1.  Space Deadline July 15.

Holiday 2018 - November, December, January.  Published on November 1.  Space Deadline October 15.

Spring 2019 - February, March, April. Published on February 1. Space Deadline January 15.

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