Cigar Lounge In Downtown

Emporium Wines in Downtown Alexander City has opened a Cigar Lounge

Emporium Wines in Downtown Alexander City has opened a Cigar Lounge

I never smoke to excess - that is, I smoke in moderation, only one cigar at a time. ~Mark Twain

Downtown Alexander City is really hoppin these days.  Several new bars and restaurants have recently opened.  It is officially a designated entertainment district which means you can stroll around from bar to bar with your libations in hand.  Really progressive move for Alex City and it has received a warm welcome.  Now add a Cigar Lounge to the collection. 

You should stop by Emporium Wine and see their wonderful collections of wine, beer and cigars.  We encourage you to go and have a sandwich for lunch too.  Below is a note from Travis at Emporium Wine.  Check out their website and meet Trav!

An Exerpt: From the Humidor with Trav

Most of you know I enjoy working with the cigar portion of the Emporium Wine and Spirits business. And since I’m not the owner, I can brag on that part of the business without being immodest. As I have been saying, the cigar selection has been growing in anticipation of the opening of the cigar lounge. We still have some details to work out and haven’t had a grand opening yet, but come on back and enjoy smoking a cigar in the new lounge!

After another shipment of cigars today, and another shelf squeezed on the humidor wall, I thought I would dig in and see just how much the cigar selection has grown. And as of today, there are over 125 different cigar offerings in our humidor. Undoubtedly the best selection of premium cigars in a 50 mile radius – and still growing! Impressive, yes, but especially impressive when noting that 30 of those have just been added since October – so if you have not been in recently you need to come check out the humidor, and take one back to our cigar lounge.