Salad in a Jar 101

This is an all time favorite around here.  There are several reasons salads in a jar are such a big hit.  They are healthy and therefore guilt free.  You can make them several days in advance and we all know you must have a plan or your eat clean goals go out the door quickly when we get busy and have nothing on hand. You can easily pack them into a lunch when you head to the office or put several in the cooler when you head out on the lake. Another plus about salads in a jar is that once you learn the basics then the combinations and concoctions are endless.  Be creative as you want and keep them changed up.

hint!  You will see different size jars.  We highly recommend the smaller, 12oz, wide-mouthed, Ball jars.  This size packs plenty!

Below we share one of our favorites.  We like this blogger's lessons on basics of salads in a jar and her recipes are delicious.  Check out some below and see the full blog and recipes at

Tofu Living Salad with Sesame-Lemon Dressing

Mexican Chickpea Salad with Chile-Lime Dressing