8 Must Have Items on Your Boat

We are all pretty well versed when it comes to packing our bags and coolers for a day in the boat on Lake Martin.  We all pack plenty of water, sunscreen, towels and such.  Here are a few items you might not think about but will be thankful you have on board.  Pack these items under one of the seats and let it stay there throughout boating season.

1.  Car Organizer.  Use a nice car organizer to keep all these extra goodies stowed away nice and tidy.  Choose one that can get a little wet on the bottom.

2.  Extra Towels.  These do not have to be nice beach towels.  These will be much appreciated after a sudden downpour.  Wrap up in a dry towel or dry the boat seats off.  Store them in a large garment bag.  Maybe one of those the air can be removed and take up a lot less room.

3. Flip Flops.  Stock up on several pair from the dollar store.  You might always remember your shoes but your guest might not be clever.  Flip flops are a must have to step onto the dock and by law all restaurants are "no shirt, no shoes, no service".

4.  RICE.  Yep you need a large baggie of rice for those beloved phones that get wet!  Drop the wet phone into the bag of rice and do not peek at it or attempt to turn it on for the rest of the day.  The rice will pull the moister out of the phone.  We have seen this trick work time and time again. 

5.  Jackets & Sweat Shirts.  Even in the dog days of summer some nights can get chilly and it never fails that the kids are freezing after a nice afternoon shower.  Just like the towels, put them in a garment bag and remove the air so they take up less room.

6.  First Aid Kit.  Get a really nice one!

7.  Survival Knife.  Not only do you need an extra cork screw that lives on the boat but you really need a knife too.  You never know when you are gonna have to cut the ski rope out of the prop.  Yep we have all done it darn it.

8.  Jump Charger.  These are inexpensive little chargers that will save your life.  Charge it good and put it in the organizer for those days your phone runs down and it is the source of your tunes.